"EVERYTHING HOME" isn't your typical Podcast.  It’s a Movement...a Platform and Resource where we exchange and promote Good People, doing Good Business and Good Things!  

We’ve created a space where you can “DO SOMETHING” to change your life or the life of another person – where thoughts, passion and emotions are given an ACTION – that actually becomes a reality and makes a difference.

It’s a place where the community can learn from and support its own members.  We share stories, celebrate Heroes and bring together a like-minded audience.

It also offers the People, the “POWER” to financially help our nation’s VETERANS and NEVER make a donation.  You just need to be conscious of your choices and buying decisions through supporting our Partners' products and services.

Your "HOME" is so much more than a place to live . . . and we’re redefining the meaning of the word.  Your "HOME" is the foundation for EVERYTHING in your life - From the structure and contents, To what goes on inside and Within yourself.  Our guests include Expert Contributors, professionals and passion driven people who share a wide range of topics, such as "Home Improvement", Health, Real Estate, Pets, Nonprofits, Business, Lifestyle, Veteran Support, Inspiration, Entertainment and many more.

The information will transform your "HOME" into its greatest version possible and provide the tools to create your BEST LIFE!

Welcome to our world.  Be prepared...GREAT things are about to happen!

Good People doing Good Business and Good Things
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NEAL BAWA-Founder & Instructor


"Discover How You Can Invest Smarter And With Less Hassle, While Building A Tax-Advantaged Financial Fortress"

Neal Bawa is the Founder/Lead Instructor of MultifamilyU.  Neal brings a new perspective to Real Estate Investing & the Housing Trends.  DATA IS KEY…He shares his unique analyzing strategies and resources for this critical DATA, while providing an overview of the market, our economy & why his information affects everyone's lives.  He offers online training, coaching programs, numerous free informational webinars and lucrative opportunities for passive investors.

Neal has over 17 years of revenue (P&L) experience as the senior-most executive in a California education company with over 350 employees and $40MM in revenue. Neal retired after 17+ years of service to pursue a Real Estate career full time. Neal owns and manages an extensive real estate single family and multifamily portfolio in 5 U.S. States. He teaches Multifamily education seminars to over a thousand students a year. 

Neal has an extensive library of FREE ONLINE TRAINING webinars about Multifamily Investing and Real Estate/Housing Trends.  He also offers an exclusive interactive "Apartment Magic eBootcamp" to learn the smart approach to investing in commercial size apartment complexes.  The course empowers you to confidently buy and manager properties that generate passive income.  Click the link below to see Neal's list of amazing webinars.

Neal is an Expert Contributor for Helping The People and their "Support Our Veterans" program. 

We provide Relationship Based Real Estate with a Socially Conscious Purpose.

Our Preferred Realtors donate 25% of their commission so we can financially help VETERANS   1) Buy a Home  2) Complete Home Improvements for their Service-Connected Injuries  3)  Receive Alternative Treatments for PTSD.

If you're interested in Buying a Home or Selling yours, please call 833-694-6636 or visit to be matched with one of our exceptional Preferred Realtors.

REMEMBER: Just being conscious of your choices & buying decisions WILL change a VETERAN's life...While we changes YOURS


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